loasis_outside_roomsWe offer rooms in our round “huts”, standard hotel rooms, and small apartments for longer visits or in one of our “stanchion housing”. All rooms are simply furnished with rustic furniture and soft colors. All have private bathrooms with toilet and shower. There are mosquito nets in all the rooms but the insects are a little problem here because of the high location over the sea.Most of our rooms are large enough to accommodate up to four people.L’Oasis Lodge is a small hotel with only 28 rooms; we can offer an accommodation in more familiar style.

loasis_lodgesThe staff have been here for many years and their positive ways to create a very relaxed and personal environment. As our guest, you will be seen. In high season come and go watching the cars in and out of us. Guests can share their experiences with each other for relaxing forms.

Sit and enjoy in our garden or around our pool. It is small but refreshing after a day in town, after the safari or perhaps already after the flight here. For those of you with a bit more limited budget, we can offer our “Backpackers Paradise” with twelve double rooms, all with shared shower and toilet.

loasis_inside_roomsThe price is the most affordable if you look at what you get for the money and to book a room in advance äratt recommend, especially during peak season. Bed linen and towels are included, of course. You have free Wi-Fi and pool.In all of our room rates include a hearty buffet breakfast.

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